5 Lessons to Learn from 2020 Security Breaches


24 March 2021


Capitalising on the disruption resulting from the move to remote working,
cybercriminals ‘prospered’ in 2020:


Rise in cyber security threats compared with 2019


Surge in ransomware attacks in the third quarter.

Covid restrictions are still in place, and a move to a more flexible, hybrid
working environment forecast post-pandemic - so greater security
vigilance is essential.

Phishing is increasingly sophisticated

  • Spear-phishing
  • Vishing (voice phishing)
  • Smishing (SMS text phishing)
  • Angle phishing (targeting ‘bad experience’ customers via social media)

Simulate an attack - before it’s too late

  • Expose your vulnerabilities
  • Monitor your ability to detect a breach
  • Measure the response to a breach
  • Fix the weaknesses

Test the integrity of your software

  • Shake up your testing program
  • Don’t take the vendor’s word - test yourself
  • Use robust, manual review techniques
  • Test, test, and test again

Train your staff

  • The most efficient way to limit risk
  • Develop an ongoing training program
  • Train, train, and train again

Don’t just check everything once!

  • Managing security is a continual process
  • Build it into your IT calendar
  • Make it a priority!

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